Steel Chainmaille Keychain / Half Persian


A handy way to keep your wallet or keys secure, whether they are in your pocket or stowed away in your bag. Making this sturdy chainmaille keychain functional in addition to looking cool.

There are two design options available for this keychain. One is made entirely with round wire rings, while the second is made with round wire rings paired with square wire rings.

Both options are currently paired with a round hook clasp up front. You can choose to have it upgraded to a bigger trigger snap clasp.

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Where function meets style, this steel chainmaille keychain is designed with the 4 in 1 half persian chainmaille weave.

There are two design options available for this keychain. The first design is made entirely with round wire rings. While the second design is made with round wire rings paired with rings made with square wire.


All of the rings used for both keychain designs are pure stainless steel. The round wire rings on both designs are made with 16g standard round wire. With the square wire rings on the second design option being 16g equivalent.

Both designs close with a stainless steel round hook clasp up front, paired with a stainless steel split key ring for holding your keys (or wallet). The clasp up front can be upgraded to a trigger snap clasp.


For both chainmaille keychain designs, length of just the chain (without clasps) is 6 inches. While the total length (with current clasps) is 8 1/2 inches. Updating to the trigger snap clasp will extend the total length.

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Additional information

design option

all round wire rings, round & square wire

clasp option

keep current clasp, upgrade to trigger clasp


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