Keeper of Time Brass Chain Necklace / Full Persian


Add some pirate fun to your day with this brass chainmaille necklace. The skull and clock hand pendant does not shy away from fierce style.

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Designed with the 6 in 1 full persian chainmaille pattern, this brass chain necklace is made with 20g brass rings. These individual rings have outside diameter of 1/4 an inch. The bigger rings which create anchor points are 16g brass rings with an 1/2 inch outside diameter.

An antiqued bronze flower skull with three clock hands create the pendant. Closes with a lobster claw clasp which has an antiqued bronze finish (and has a length of 3/4 of an inch). The clasp attaches to three 16g brass rings made with square wire.


Wearable length of the necklace is 18 to 19 1/4 inches. The max length of the pendant in the middle is 1 1/2 inches, while the total length of just the skull is 5/8th of an inch.

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