Noir Scalemaille Necklace / Modern Vintage


Ready to make a statement? Do so whenever you wear this handmade necklace. I created this scale maille necklace with the inspiration of the flapper fashion.

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The scale maille portion in the front of this necklace is made with anodized aluminum scales and weaved together with stainless steel rings.

Going up, the four biggest rings in the front are 9/16th of an inch wide (14mm) and are solid stainless steel components. The smaller stainless steel rings framing the bigger rings, and on the ribbon, are made with 19g stainless steel wire and are just under 5/16th of an inch wide (7mm).

Comes together with black ribbon. Closes in the back with a hook and eye clasp.


Wearable length of the necklace is 17.5 inches.

Scale maille originated centuries ago as armor and was popular among many different cultures.


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