Nightfall Stretch Bracelets


Bring your style to boss level while wearing any combination of this stretch bracelet set! This set of five stretch bracelets can be worn in a different variations to suit your taste for your current adventure.

Designed with the traditional 4 in 1 half persian chainmaille weave using stainless steel rings paired with edpm (latex-free) rings.

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The versatility of these five stretch bracelets is that you can wear them individually or together in various combinations. Perfect for adding the best touch of style to your look. Designed with the 4 in 1 half persian chainmaille weave.


Each of these bracelets is made with stainless steel rings and edpm rings (latex-free) in black and orange. For the black bracelets, the steel rings are paired with square wire, while the orange bracelets are paired with the traditional round wire rings.

The edpm rings allow for these bracelets to stretch over your hand, making them claspless.


The wearable length for these stretch bracelets are all within an 1/8 of an inch of 7 inches.

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