Grizzly Wallet Chain / Stainless Steel


An excellent hefty choice for everyday use. The weave is the grizzly version of the 6 in 1 full persian chainmaille weave.

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The grizzly wallet chain is made with all 16g stainless steel rings. Completed with a swivel bolt snap clasp (nickel plated) up front, and a stainless steel anchor shackle clasp for attaching to your wallet. The small chain attached to the pin of the anchor shackle is stainless steel.


Length of just the chain is 11 1/4 inches (minus the rings used to attach the chain to the clasps). Total length, end-to-end with clasps and everything, is 16 1/8 inches.

Want a different clasp in front or back? Just let me know, and I can change it out for you.

For more designs and selection of chainmaille wallet chains, please do visit the Wallet Chains section of the shop.


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