Dragonscale Skyrim Necklace


Hey, no lollygaggin’ with this Skyrim necklace! Designed with a Skyrim dragon pendant (stainless steel), which is paired with dragonscale weave chain.

Ready to up your nerd gear game to the next level?

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Level up your style with this Skyrim necklace designed with the dragonscale chainmaille weave, which is made with two sizes of rings. The bigger rings are made with stainless steel, paired with smaller black rings made with anodized aluminum.

The Skyrim dragon pendant is made with stainless steel. One side has a mirror finish, and has a brushed metal finish on the other side. This pendant hangs onto a stainless steel ring.

Closes in back with a black lobster claw clasp, which hooks onto black anodized aluminum rings.


The wearable length of this Skyrim necklace is currently adjustable between 18 and 19 inches. While the dragon pendant is 1 3/8 inches tall (without the bail on top). It’s also just shy of 3/4 of an inch wide.

Wanting it in a different wearable length? Please do contact DGM with your size preference.

Dragonscale Chainmaille Weave

The dragonscale chainmaille weave is essentially two European 4 in 1 weaves interwoven, but two ring sizes are used to make this weave. For it to work properly, the smaller rings outer diameter must be at least slightly smaller than the larger rings inner diameter. An intriguing feature about this weave is the larger rings only go through the smaller rings, and vice versa.

For even more dragonscale jewelry designs, be sure to visit the Dragonscale Chainmaille section of the shop.


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