Brass Watermelon Necklace


A classy choice of chainmaille necklace with a juicy splash of color! Designed with the dragonscale chainmaille weave using brass and anodized aluminum to emulate the color of watermelon.

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Designed with the dragonscale chainmaille weave, this watermelon necklace is made with two size of rings. The bigger rings are brass, which are paired with smaller anodized aluminum rings in red, pink, and green.

Completed with anodized aluminum chain in a bronze color. Closes in back with an antiqued brass lobster claw clasp.


The total wearable length of this watermelon necklace is adjustable between 17 3/4 and 19 inches. Just the dragonscale portion is 12 1/2 inches in length, while the width is 1/2 an inch.

For more dragonscale chainmaille designs, be sure to visit the Dragonscale Chainmaille section of the shop!


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