Brass Keychain / Short Wallet Chain


A handy way to keep your keys secure when in your pocket or bag, this sturdy brass keychain also looks good in addition to being functional.

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Keep your wallet or keys secure whether they are in your pocket or tucked away in your back. This brass keychain is designed with the 4 in 1 half persian chainmaille weave.


Designed with brass rings made from 16g round wire and bronze rings made with 16g equivalent square wire. Attached to the ends are a standard key ring and a swivel clasp.


The total length of this brass keychain is 8 1/2 inches, while just the chain portion is 6 inches.

For more designs, including keychains and wallet chains, visit the Wallet Chain section of the shop.

Want a custom piece? Please do contact me with what you have in mind.


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